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Amul Girl, young since 1967 – Influidity Solution

Amul Girl, young since 1967

The Polka dotted mischievous young girl has her own story to tell. She is considered to be one of the most successful advertisement campaigns ever run. She has significantly changed the face of butter in the Indian market. By now you must have been knowing what we are talking about, ‘The Amul Girl.’

Amul Girl

Amul Girl

Amul Girl campaign is the longest running advertising campaign in the world. But how old is this young vivacious girl?

Way back in 1966, Polson industries (Gujarat based) had a monopoly in the dairy products industry. But the farmers weren’t too pleased with Polson.

This gave space for Amul to come into picture and with Amul came its blue haired girl.

The Polka dotted Amul mascot was made to rival the Polson girl. Polson girl was perceived to be too flashy, something most Indian households didn’t associate with although Polson was ruling the dairy product market. Amul had to beat Polson in order to establish themselves in a monopolistic industry.

ASP, an advertising company got the reigns for Amul’s advertising portfolio and they rose to the challenge to get Amul Butter to the top.

They came up with Amul girl, like Polson had theirs but there was a huge difference between the two. When the Polson girl was very outlandish in her advertisements, Amul’s girl was meant to be the heart of every Indian.

She was young and free spirited- a perfect fit for an Indian homemaker’s heart. Amul Girl was the brain child of Sylvester DaCunha from ASP. To make her more appealing, Dr. Kurien the then Chairperson of Amul, suggested to make her little mischievous.

That naughty spark in her eyes and her simplicity didn’t only capture homemakers but also the entire Indian public.

She had to be easy to draw since most of the hoardings were hand painted half a century ago. But it was all worth it.

Indians reacted with wonder to Amul’s mascot. At that point in time the Amul Girl advertisements didn’t voice it’s opinion on news like today. The girl merely smiled back at you from hoarding.

In 1967, a year after she made her way into Indian households, ASP considered to make her bold like the upcoming Indian youth.

Without holding back from expressing views, Amul butter advertisements began commenting on the Indian scenarios and news.

When Air India decided to wage a strike, the Amul girl voiced it’s opinion. When Ganpati Bappa came home, she welcomed him. Soon, she became a phenomenon.

According to a post on Amul’s website, her first advertisement in Mumbai was somewhere by the Charni Road. People literally started gathering near the billboard to inspect it and laud it.

The Amul Girl’s boldness did also cost her a few controversies. Air India even threatened Amul to stop supplying its butter on their planes and Shiv Sena had a slight problem with the Amul girl welcoming our favourite Bappa.

Despite all that, Amul girl still continues her reign in our hearts. Indians take time to read an Amul hoarding and smile. It is very relevant yet humorous. How can someone miss them? Moreover, Amul advertisements are simple and aren’t digitally modified to make them look classy.

The irony here is that the Amul Butter advertisements have a vintage effect like that of a painting yet are so very updated with their captions. Anyone and everyone enjoy them. Amul changes the theme every week but Amul girl remains the same. Stuck in time for a 50 years and more yet to come, a story teller of India’s every news article- it’s the Indian polka dotted blue haired mischievous girl.

She is not just Amul’s anymore but more of India’s legacy. Her comments and billboards are a part of many collection galleries. If all her advertisements were to be collected and placed in a chronological order, it will definitely tell the story of post- Independence modern India.

What made the “Amul Girl Campaign” successful?

In an era where roping in celebrities for ad campaigns has become a trend, Amul’s ads always stood out for their simplicity, freshness and their penchant of focussing on current issues to bring home a point. Though the medium of communication has changed from billboards, posters and newspapers to the more contemporary digital media, Amul girl has adapted herself without losing her charm. From just speaking about the product to commenting over the current issues, the campaign was always driven towards gaining more attention yet not losing connect with the brand and products. This is why Amul’s campaigns and brand continue to outlive expectations till date.

What is the present day Amul Girl doing?

Amul is now a household name in the Indian families with wide range of dairy products. With many big players in the dairy industry, Amul is the only name which is on everyone’s lips for dairy products. It has contributed the most in making India number 1 in milk production. However, with the change in time, Amul has not changed their trademark ‘Amul Girl’ that seems to be lucky for the brands promotion and success. It has been used over every promotional campaign. By using the ‘Amul Girl’ on its social media platform, the company has been able to attract more number of customers to their social media pages resulting in increase in their business.



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