Marketing Strategy

Is your marketing approach consistent? Are you getting desire ROI from your annual marketing budget? Do you have a complete understanding of who are your potential buyers and how to approach them? Are you able to track your marketing activities to make future business decisions?

Marketing strategy is the heart and soul of any business model and plays a vital role in taking the company to the next level. Marketing strategy determines what should be your product features, how to offer it, whom to offer it, how to position your product in the market, what should be the actual price, how to promote your product and how to manage customers effectively so that they will come back for a future purchase.

The real challenge for marketers is to understand the best-suited marketing strategy for their business. Influidity Solution help marketers articulating, evaluating, developing and modifying their marketing strategies to get real business outcomes and maximized revenue.

We develop Marketing Strategy for our clients which includes

Customer Insights & Segmentation

Identify your potential customer

Product Positioning

Positioning your product in the minds of the customers


Setting your product’s actual market price

Integrated Marketing Communication

Public relation, awareness creation and influencing buyers

Customer Service

Personalized customer service


Reach your customers effectively

Product Launch

Create a buzz and arrive in the market

Strategy Implementation

Creating marketing calender and implementing strategies

Typical Activities:

  • Developing a strategic marketing plan.
  • Creating marketing calendar and managing the implementation of the predefined marketing plan.
  • Devising the best means of accomplishing the objectives laid out in that plan, in keeping with the marketing budget.
  • Sourcing and working with 3rd party vendors and tools to execute marketing campaigns.
  • Being the organisation thought Leader in marketing, branding and marketplace positioning.
  • Analysing sales and implementation process periodically.