Market Research

Whether you are entering a new market or penetrating an existing market with your own product or solution, it is crucial to identify the opportunities and scope available in that particular niche, which can be capitalized to accelerate business growth. Market research identifies existing and future trends in the business which can help marketers to develop marketing and PR strategies.

Influidity helps global enterprises identify their market opportunities by offering actionable business insights into their industry, target customers, competitors and market trends. These valuable insights can be used to take strategic business decisions related to budget allocation, resource allocation, product development, product launch, pricing, placement, channel partners, competitive strategy and PR strategies.

Typical Activities:

  • Desk research and analysis of market opportunities and future trends.
  • Review of existing similar products, substitute products and brands in identified target markets.
  • Buyer demographic research.
  • Market entry plan & potential barrier research.
  • Interviews with actual users to get the in-depth understanding of product and brand perceptions of existing brands.
  • Evaluation of positioning opportunities for a new brand.