Social Media Marketing

Contact us to grow your business by increasing brand awareness, building new relationships and engaging more traffic to your website.

Developing Brand Awareness: An increase in followers on your social media will help you spread your message through word-of-mouth or referrals. We ensure that we help you in increasing your followers with relevant people to ensure that it matches the interests, behavioral pattern and the demographics of your existing customers. 

Social Media Marketing

Build Relationships: By building new relationships, you engage more people who are likely to buy from you. The more engagement one has, the stronger the connection gets with the audience. We shall help you in increasing your engagement in terms of likes, comments, impressions on your social media platforms.

Increasing Website Exposure: In order to drive high volumes of website traffic, we develop social media advertising campaigns to influence your leads and sales. We also aim at adding retargeting advertisements for recent website visitors to increase the conversion rates.

Our social media marketing services also includes :

Facebook Marketing Service: We assure you that you will reach your desired audience by using this leading social media platform which will enable you grow your business.

Instagram Marketing Services: Over 60% of people use this platform to discover about new products. Start engaging your audiences and building new ones today by using Instagram.

Twitter Marketing Services: With over 330 million users of age group 18-64, this platform will enable you to increase your brand recognition and build trust.

Pinterest Marketing Services: Having a reach up to 400 million users, this is the best social media platform for selling consumer goods.

LinkedIn Marketing Services: A platform used by 500 million professionals and decision-makers, and business owners will help you target the right audience.

With our Social Marketing Services, we integrate your social media with the rest of your B2B advertising efforts to drive sales and generate highly targeted leads for you.

Why Influidity?

Mutual Agreements: We mutually agree on strategies and get approvals on deliverables from our clients beforehand. You can work with us in a seamless manner with little or no efforts from your side.

More Value for your money: Help us to help you. We take payments for the true cost of the service we provide; we don’t make our clients pay us a heavy or high retainer. 

Low Risk: We aim at earning trust through providing great work which fulfils the objective of our clients. Our Social Media Marketing services are backed with high integrity.

Our Social Media Marketing Process:

– We assign a Social Media Manager who will understand your business and be your primary contact.

– We will develop a Social Media Strategy which will show you the roadmap to success.

– We develop Social Media Content and Advertisements for your brand.

– We use organic tactics to grow your channels and to monitor all the social media activities.

– We schedule weekly or monthly meetings with our clients or send reports to discuss the progress.