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Post length

The truth about post length

Some content writers don’t probably know when to stop writing. They ramble and start preaching, they theorize things. But then there are a few others who try and keep their posts short in the fear of dumping too much information at once. And then there are a few who try and keep their ideas short by chopping off longer ideas into a series of posts.

Post length

But they forget the fact that the length of the post has no impact on how successful a write-up becomes.

Let’s examine the post length via Movies:

Have you ever watched a long movie that really left you amazed?

Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur was shot at a runtime of 319 minutes, but since no theatre agreed to screen such a long film, so it was released in two parts, Part I & Part II. Then there is also Titanic – still the highest grossing movie despite the fact that it runs over 3 hours. In fact, a pretty long list can be made of award-winning movies that have crossed the 3-hour mark.

But then what about short movies? They too can be awesome, right? Some of the classic Disney movies like Bambi – 70 minutes & Lady and the Tramp – 73 minutes.

Is it that the length of the movie is unimportant and what matters the most is the storyline? The key strategy lies in figuring out how much time will it take for you to deliver your story. Maybe it’s the same for blogging.

Therefore, a long post isn’t wrong, a short post isn’t always right. It can be said that the length of a post has nothing to do with good or bad, right or wrong. As a content writer all that you need to do is:

– Write content that is interesting

– Take out things that are not interesting

Think about the readers whom you are going to target

Dear Content Writers,

Keep it simple. Tell a story. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read. Happy Writing!