Let us pin-pop your social media marketing myths

Social media is the new trend. It had all started as a clever and simple concept. It was for people to share multi-media content with peers, family & colleagues. Even the older generation could use Facebook because of its user-friendly features. A fun and an engaging platform has been taken away by brands who try and communicate their message to the target audience. Instead of touching the social human global psyche, it has been touching the brand’s value since years. Large brands realised that by counting in social media to their marketing strategy, they can initiate a “many to many” crowd global conversation and make their campaigns significant and sizable.

social media marketing myths

While serving digital marketing to our clients, we realised that the problem most of the brands face with social media is not about – whether to have social media presence or not, rather it is about how to take utmost advantage of it. Before starting as a business consulting firm, we too have fallen into the “information overload” trap and have felt overwhelmed with the plethora of strategies, secrets, tips being preached about social media. Along with our realization and learning about the myths of social media marketing, we are here to spread the confusion and disillusionment caused about the return on investment.

Myth 1: You need a presence on all social media platforms

Not all social media is created equal – different platforms attract different audiences. There’s no point in spending money and efforts in places where you won’t get your target. Ask yourself – Who am I trying to reach? Are my audience active on this platform? Pick one network to focus on, instead of all.

Myth 2: Hashtag everything that you post

Hashtags are tools that enable people to filter your posts through millions of other posts every day. But too much hash tagging can make your brand look amateurish to the audience. Never have unnecessary hashtags, discover the most popular, trending & relevant ones for your posts.

Myth 3: Social Media is your “Silver Bullet”

Social Media is not your marketing saviour. You cannot build a tribe of followers or subscribers overnight.  Build some contagious content for people to like and share it on their social media networks. Establishing a strong social media networking takes commitment and persistence.

Myth 4: You cannot measure your ROI on social media

Social media platforms not only enable you to measure the ROI but also help in determining how effective the social marketing is. Web Analytics tools like Google Analytics will enable you to identify your conversion rates as a result of the organic search traffic and keywords.

Myth 5: Using a corporate voice is mandatory

It’s not about using a corporate voice or a sassy one! It is all about maintaining a professional boundary but also showing your human side. Connect to your audience on a personal level. Lack of personality in social media accounts can be a major reason of turn off for the audiences. So, here we have busted 5 most common social media marketing myths! Are you looking forward to work on your brand’s Social Media Marketing? Contact Us.