Social Footprint Matters more than resume

Resumes in today’s world are just a piece of paper which shows nothing more than what certifications you are having or which organisations you belong to if you are not a fresher.

Resumes does not show your past experiences nor they show what you have learned from where you have worked. Sometime it can also happen people tends to create fake resume just to enter the organisation which cannot be traced.

Social Footprint
Social Footprint

Social footprints are a person’s presence and impact on the internet. When looking at someone’s social footprint, you are measuring what and how well they have done anything online. Which shows your past experiences, how you are as a person and what type of experience you have had in your past. It shows the type of personality you have.

The social footprint gives you an idea of what they’ve done, both professionally and independently.  It gives you an actual idea of their skills and interests, and some companies and recruiting software even developed a system to rank candidates. It’s about looking at more than just bullet points on a resume.

You can hide behind your resume but your social footprints will tell your story. Any Programmers or any graphic designers can say things in resume, what certifications he has, how many companies he has worked in, what type of profile he has handled, can show you the projects on which he has worked. But when come to Social footprint until and unless there is some thing to show he cannot tell a lie. Even if he creates a fake profile but cannot create past and experiences in the social footprint.

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