Let’s talk about: How to market yourself without marketing yourself

The art of self-promotion – The best one can describe this write-up. On one hand there are plenty of people who love being the centre of attention, but then there are also those of us who prefer to stay out of the limelight.

A self-promotional strategy is all about finding the right balance between demonstrating the skills and boasting about them. If you get your promotional methods right, you will find your door open for new clients & incredible opportunities. But too much of promotion would be like bragging which is actually not good for your reputation. 

The rub is that it’s actually difficult to do self-marketing. It’s almost like; you don’t want to seem sleazy but you also need to convince people that you have got exactly what they are looking for. Here, comes the play where you need to differentiate between self-promotional strategies & shameless boasting. When you boast yourself, you don’t have anything to backup your claims, but the messages you send out are based entirely on your need for confirmation, rather than an inner passion or idea.

Following are a few tips on how you can prepare yourself for self-promotion?

Sign up for the right social media accounts

Connect with thought leaders

Don’t just act like the “expert” – be one!

Be both honest & modest

Put quality over quantity

To conclude with, always remember to tell a story. Instead of rattling off impressive statistics about your performance or listing adjectives that define you as the perfect, narrate a story to your audience. Engage them with something that they want to learn about. Some think that narrating out personal stories is just for the sake of getting attention, but they forget that it helps one to appear as a more authentic person when they’re building the brand online. Always give your followers the “human approach” that they are craving for.

Keep in mind that learning how to toot your own horn without turning people off is the key to success.

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