Good Bad And Ugly Side Of Influencer Marketing

They will not care if the product offering is good or bad. The will only look for the value that the product caters and experience it provides. With this much competition, staying ahead of the game is tough. One way certain brands are forging ahead in the content game is through influencer marketing. So let’s talk about what good, bad and ugly you take you take from influencer marketing.

influencer marketing
Influencer Marketing

So the good part first.

It is probably the best way to fuel your brand without any extra efforts. The content is absolutely exclusive and organic plus you won’t have to wrack your brains to figure out what content to use and what not to use. Leave it to the influencer to figure it out.

The perks are you get a positive word of mouth and good return on your investment.  For every $ spent by the companies, the returns they get is $6.50. Not bad, right!

Now there are bad sides too.

Definitely there will be some bad implementation of strategy and it is not very difficult to take a wrong direction and see your camping fail right in front of your eyes.

You need to watch out that you do not fall prey to the influencers who use copy paste content and the same format for all campaigns along with noting that the content resonates with your brand identity. The most important part, you need to save yourself from getting too desperate to hire a particular influencer, because there might be influencers who might be seeking quick cash.

And what about the ugly side?

Sometimes respected influencers also make mistakes which can cause a potential harm to your brand image. You always need to monitor the past and the current work before hiring an influencer because anyone can say anything at anytime and that cause and adverse effect to your brand.