En Vogue: Social Media

En Vogue: Social Media

“The internet is the most effective instrument we have for globalization” – Milton Friedman. For once, it is certain that one doesn’t need any kind of statistics to take a note of the time spent by today’s generation on the internet. Social media trumps all the other activities in this regard. Social media behemoths such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are flooded with new accounts every day and they have done a commendable job in maintaining their users.

Gone are the days when a smartphone used to be treated as a luxury item. The commoners used to refer to a mobile phone as a tool used for telephonic conversation only. Today, every necessity is just one tap away, whatever the demand – sports, entertainment, travel, news and what not, there is an endless supply to fulfill these urges. However, the fun of interacting with new people, learning about new communities and exchanging ideas is probably the foremost reason why smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives.

Today, a staggering 80% of the smartphone users check their phones first after waking up, so much so that it has become a global culture. And, here’s why? Firstly, everybody wants to stay updated. Secondly, Cristiano Ronaldo was breaking goal scoring records in Europe, there were drastic political amendments taking place in Donald Trump’s regime, some kid saying “peeche dekho” has become an internet sensation, songs trend more on social media sites than on radio channels, your childhood friend is now engaged and you weren’t invited, oops! So, all this has happened while you were asleep (doing a fundamental everyday human activity) and not checking your phone after waking up completely catapults you out of the loop.

The social media is a platform that has unlimited potential to pave the way for new age entertainment, infotainment, business, promotions. It instantly connects you globally to the communities and your field of interest. Social media is that one stop shop which you need to revisit frequently to stay in vogue.

(The blog is written by Sumit Patel, Intern at Influidity Solution)