Welcome to the era of Video Marketing

Did you know?

– 61% of the businesses are currently using videos as their marketing tools

– 91% of the businesses have plans of increasing their spending on videos

– 72% of the businesses say that video has improved their conversion rate

– 73% of the consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions

(Source: Forbes & Invodo)

Welcome to the era of Video Marketing – an era where video marketing has come along as a new trend and it’s here to stay. It is a game changer; it hasn’t shown signs of slowing down.

video marketing
Video Marketing

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Ever wondered what about a video then? How much worth will a video be of? Various brands have realized the impact of this revolutionary concept and have started using videos to promote their content to the customer base.  In simple words, video marketing is a straightforward and an attractive way to grab the attention of the generation who are busy switching themselves from one page to another or one brand to another. In such a scenario, think of how you should keep those people stuck to you? How do you maintain your customer base? The only way to maintain the loyalty is to tell a reason as to why they should choose you over your competitors.

For instance, a travel agency can use video marketing to demonstrate the remote vacation spots their business is involved in, the services they provide, the customer testimonials etc. An electronic brand can make video reviews of their products, they can elaborate on the product specifications and post it on their social media channels for customers to see and know more details of the product before making a purchasing decision. In simple words, the type of video and the content solely depends on the products and services on which the video is going to be made.

Video Marketing is a straightforward yet an attractive way to target audiences by drawing their attention. Today’s generation who are busy constantly changing and flipping themselves from one brand to another, should be kept engaged. Whether a sad or a funny or even a sarcastic video can be the key to keep the potential customers engaged and by providing them the content they can discuss about.

Giant firms like Coca Cola, Amazon & Louis have been spending billions of dollars on video marketing. As stated above that 73% of customers are likely to purchase a product after watching a video, it is not surprising that most of the ad agencies suggest their clients to go for video marketing. Let’s talk about how social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Snapchat are being used. Let’s also talk about how video marketing is gaining popularity so rapidly and has taken over the internet in 2019.

Youtube Video Marketing

Let’s start with the boss lady of Video Content, isn’t it obvious that it has to be YouTube? An online platform that drains out 300 hours of video content every single minute. YouTube is huge, very huge – It can be stated as the library of video content. YouTube can help someone launch a career and personalize themselves as a brand like a musician, a singer or an artist of any profession. It can also help someone to grow their brand, their business by reaching a new set of audiences. Over the years, YouTube continues to be a giant, the boss lady of video content!

But then don’t you think that it has become a downward trend? Don’t you think other social media platforms that are available have taken up this trend and are doing quiet well? Let’s take a classic example of Facebook doing wonders. Did you know that Facebook has 4 billion videos that are streamed every single day? Isn’t it a huge number that is supposed to continue growing with time?

facebook Video Marketing

Think about businesses streaming/posting videos about their brands in Facebook! The new video ad products for direct sales & response is reaching heights in this platform. And of course, Facebook offers some serious & effective reasons to spend some real money on the video ads and video content. Think of creating a video content and posting it in your brand’s YouTube channel and then posting the same in the brand’s Facebook page. Think about the number of views, reach & engagement the video is going to get and if your content is engaging and interests the audiences, then think about the number of shares it is going to get.  Do not keep cross channel promotion as your intention. Post videos on Facebook natively.

Facebook is on its way to become a massive competitor for YouTube when it comes to content and video distribution. Facebook can today be considered as the ultimate marketing machine. Be that the FMCG industry, the healthcare industry, the education industry or the professional services industry – each industry is trying to target their set of audience using this platform.

But then there are ton of other social media channels that can help marketers get reach & attention. Let’s talk about Twitter.

A pull strategy rather than a push! Promoting videos on Twitter is a serious and difficult task to do. Instead of just pushing the video, connect and engage with your audience. In this platform, it is difficult to get people’s intention but once you get it, you are all set to go brother!

What if a celebrity likes your Instagram post or retweets your tweet, doesn’t it feel good? What feels good to you? The double tapping & liking your post or the fact that they bothered to pause a bit and look at your post and an add on, their like on your post. You posted it. They saw it. They liked it. This entire interaction took a few seconds might be 8-10 seconds. But how did it happen so quick? It is because of the content that you deliver in these platforms. A lot of things might go missing in a tweet. Instead of saying “thank you”, you say “thnx”. How will the person get to know about your tone? With the Twitter videos message comes out louder & clearer.

Lastly let’s talk about Snapchat! More than ever before, Snapchat is getting really huge. Videos here have a maximum life of 24 hours or less if the user wants it to be. The urgency to see something before it disappears is something that is interesting and is a huge factor indeed.  Today, marketers are getting serious about using Snapchat as a tool to reach larger number of people due to some of the features that this platform has. For example – the Discover section which allows users to receive content provided by media companies. Here it gets serious! Every company wants to put itself in an aggressive place with the overall user interface of the app. Here, the scenario changes completely – as to how the app is perceived and how it is actually used.

But due to the sheer size, ton of competition amongst videos on all platforms, brands seem to be struggling at times or succeeding in their approach. When you have a platform with millions of users, all wanting exposure, it is going to get noisy, it is going to get viral.

So, finally as we come towards the end of the article, let us talk about why your business needs Video Marketing?

– Sharing videos is not a tough deal, not anymore.

– Nothing else grabs attention than a perfectly made video

– Video Marketing showcases your personality and brings out the real you

– Videos are self-explanatory

– They easily clarify the objectives

– It increases your rank by increasing the web traffic

– Videos make your pitch more interesting

– It helps your audience in retaining information

Texts might confuse people, but videos won’t

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