Outbound strategies to target Generation Z & Millennials

We are now heading towards an era where there has been a shift in the purchasing power. Today, most of the brands market themselves and strategize their online campaigns with an aim to target the younger generation or millennials. Generation Z and the millennials are media’s favourite & the biggest headache for the marketing industry. Who even knows about – who likes what especially the millennials and Gen Z.? Last week, everything was fleek and look at today, people are flossing! The latest generation has grown up and immersed themselves in technology. Gen Z is taking over the millennials as the demographic with the most significant purchasing power.

outbound strategies

If you are a marketer and trying to keep yourself updated with these set of people, know what’s hot with them. But also keep in mind that the latest on-going trend i.e. the memes aren’t always the best ways to approach them regarding marketing. Let’s discuss some outbound strategies that will help you change the way you present your brands i.e. your products and services to the Gen Z & millennial generation.

Keep it personal & give them a voice

The very first thing to keep in mind while targeting millennials & Gen Z is by keeping things personal. Custom-tailor your services to this set of population you want to reach as the generic mass-marketing wont appeal to most of them. Tailor your advertisements to suit the personality you’re trying to sell out to. Use integrated marketing communications approach to reach your potential audiences who are interested in your product.  There are times when millennials feel that brands don’t care for them at all and they are just another dollar for them. But a good way to avoid that and grab their attention is to give them a voice in your company.

 Have a cause & Be Authentic

As the millennials & Gen Z have grown up in the digital age where advertisements have been bombarded to them in all places right from the gas pumps to the public restrooms. But one of the best ways to draw their attention is by being authentic in your outreach as they have learned the art to distinguish between someone who is genuinely promoting or advertising their product and someone who is just looking around to make a buck.  Note: Let the genuine enthusiasm shine in your marketing approach and realness reach the millennial customer’s attention.

Another great way to attract such customers is by supporting a cause. Convince them that they are investing their money in the right place and they are joining hands together with your brand to make a difference, to bring around a change in the world. For example: Donating a part of your proceeds to a charity or by helping in employing underprivileged populations can draw their attention.

Get online & build a trust

Online communities drive purchasing. Get your brand online. Utilise the power of social media. The Generation Z audience are actively seeking information from social media platforms and are not afraid to speak up. They are looking around for authenticity and want to buy from brands that they trust. Reaching out to this generation may mean avoiding marketing that plays on insecurity and perfection and cultivating other channels to catch those who drop out of the social circle.

Also keep in mind that the content you post online is the key. The netizens look for subtle and a more authentic approach.

Give them an experience

Be more focused on selling an experience rather than selling a product. In order to provide an experience to customer, you can:

Create a clear customer experience vision

Understand who your customers are

Create an emotional connection with the customers

Capture customer feedback in real time

Use a quality framework for development if required

You want to focus on the experience your product will give the Gen Z & millennials. Focus in your marketing on the emotional benefits or the great memories your product can provide to them.

Think outside the box

In the world of ten million other advertising voices, why do you want people to pay attention to your advertisement? They ignore billboards, they mute television commercials, mark spam or delete emails without a second glance. In such a scenario, how do you manage to keep yourself really unique and grab their attention? The answer is to get creative with your marketing. Come up with something unique to grab their attention. A hint for you: If it involves them getting something free, they are likely to love it.

Position yourself as niche

Big influencers don’t impress. Generation Z tends to go for smaller groups and are not much impressed by influencers – only 20% of them admire something or someone that too because of a big following.

Most of the generation Z is fairly young but then soon in the next decade this demographic structure will begin to dominate. So, no matter what the product or sector is, position your brand as a niche.

Marketing to millennials is less a matter of knowing what’s currently hot on social media and more a matter of knowing what influences them. As a generation, they grew up in an era where money was tight, nobody was to be trusted, and anyone who puts on a professional face is probably lying to you for their own gain. Be genuine, respect their frugality, and meet them where they are, and you’ll see your millennial sales rise faster than the retweets on that one egg photo.

(The article carries insights from a blog posted at Bitbranding)