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Who we are

Influidity is a global business consulting firm which serves a broad mix of industries as well as companies of various scale. Our enterprise business consulting services include Marketing Advisory, Human Resource Planning, Finance Consulting, Six-sigma Services, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Solutions. Global competition, business risk, accelerated changes in technology, disruptive trends, and digitalization – reinforce business leaders to frequently modify their business model by embracing innovative operational strategies to optimize business performance.

With nearly a decade-long consulting experience, we crafted our services uniquely furnished to address business challenges, manage change, moderate risk, and resolve problems. Influidity solution believes in maintaining highest quality when it comes to offering services. Rather than following a “one size fits all” delivery model, we deliver each assignment with a difference. We drive changes by creating customized solutions on a personal basis to meet the exact business need and to support our clients across the business cycle from risk management to the ability to react smartly to unexpected shifts and dynamic business environments.

What we do

“What we do at Influidity?” – This is a very tempting question. In simple words “we help you see the future today”. Our consulting services will transform the way you manage your business verticals to make your enterprise smarter, agile and customer-centric. Influidity solutions bring momentum in adapting and implementing the strategy, and in stimulating developments.

Influidity works with all kind of industries and teams.

  • Strategic Innovation
  • Change Management
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Resource Management

As a young consulting company, we solve complex business problems. We craft innovative solutions which define the real meaning of “value addition”. While most of the companies are not sure what’s going to change the world next, with us you’re probably already working on that.

Why us

You might be wondering why to consider Influidity? Well… We have some proven answers. We don’t consider customer service as a department, this is everyone’s job here. We believe the quality of our service is not what we put into it, this is what our clients get out of it. Within few months of our incorporation, we earned the recognition for one of the best service providers in business consulting.

Work with us;

  • To diminish knowledge management risk
  • To enhance the quality of service delivery
  • To develop a core competency around a strategic capability for the enterprise
  • To foster professional growth and development among employees
  • To overcome an overly vertical or siloed organizational structure
  • To improve the relationship between technology and the business
  • To rationalize delivery timelines for business solutions
  • Because we add tangible business values


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