8 things to remember while building a brand

April 13, 2020

What is a brand?

A brand is the way a company, organization, or individual is perceived by those who experience it. A brand is the recognizable feeling a product or business is associated with in the minds of the people who buy it. For a company, brand is the identity it is known by in the market. 

In a highly competitive business field, it is very important to create a successful brand image that can attract and keep customers loyal to the brand, and in extension the company. At a time of social and digital media, we have to remember that visibility and brand recall is what drives the business on progressive roads. This is why companies keep their brand in the core of everything they formulate or sell. 

Many times, the brand becomes greater than the product or company it represents. For example, Parle-G is a brand of Glucose biscuit sold by Parle company. What started as a mere name for a packet of glucose biscuits, is now a household name often synonymous to Glucose biscuits. Such cases of word of mouth and loyalty are where the brand is highly successful. 

After knowing what and why of a brand, you need to know how a successful brand is created.

Be clear on what your brand represents

        Create a list of your business’ core strengths and the values it aims to represent. Revisit the purpose of your business and think how you can project them to the customers in the best way possible. The brand should speak of the strengths and qualities a customer can find consistently in all your products. 

Study the field and be a class apart from your competitors

Competition is a necessary presence in the business field. It is uncomfortable, but it pushes you to truly invest in your brand and develop it. In the market, you will face numerous competitors. Instead of being fazed by their strategy, learn to study it and create your own brand based on how certain unique features that will make you distinct from your competitors.  

Identify your target audience

In a vast market where nearly everyone is a consumer, it is difficult to claim your product caters to everyone. There is a need to accurate identification of the niche target audience before you create the brand to capture it. Understand the age, needs and psychology of your target audience. This will help you create a brand that effectively communicates and connects with the customer. Targeting the target audience will drive your sales higher than just blindly venturing into the market. 

Get down to the basics

Once you have figured out your values, qualities and your target audience, you need to sit down with your core team and brainstorm on how the message you want to be communicated through your brand can be delivered effectively. It is necessary that the brand should make a statement. Every statement requires clarity that is agreed upon by the business team making it. 

Brand development

Once the foundation and message is laid out, you have to strategize the brand communication strategy well. Determine your brand persona and ensure that any communication that goes from your end to the customers projects the correct brand image and evokes the right emotions in their mind. Remember, your brand represents every product and service you dole out to the customer. Similarly, every product should be a clear reflection of your brand values and message. 

Promote your brand the right way

With numerous channels of communication, there are many ways of promoting your brand. Choose the right means of promotion to effectively increase visibility and reach. Based on your target audience and social media traffic, form a solid plan of promotion that will help you reach your goal of brand creation. 

Personalize the communication

At the end of the day, it is in the minds of the customer that a brand lives. To enter and stay in their minds, create engaging content and converse with them. Connect with the audience on a personal level. Create a relatable brand image that customers can easily recall and rely on.

Be consistent

After you successfully build a brand, be consistent in your product quality and services to ensure that your brand image stays intact through years of business. This ensures the survival of a business in the long term, because a business can go into loss, a consistent brand image is unforgettable.

Branding is an essential tool of survival for companies. A successful brand is an experience, for anyone who comes in contact with it. It is often associated with loyalty, nostalgia and reliability. A company with a successful brand image has better and loyal employees and customers. A great brand value ensures steady business even in the worst phase of economy.  

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